Mihai Maldea – Horse and Sport – Instructing Horse and Rider

When horse and rider have become a genuine team – real riding begins. A mutual understanding and respect is needed, each communicating in his or her own special way. Sometimes the most difficult horse is the one that can give you the most.



Group- and Individual Lessons

Lessons in group or individually – at my facilities or yours. Lessons in dressage, working equitation, cattle work.



Results of my competition horses. From local events over Championships to the European Championship

Horses and Training

Sport and Leisure Horses

Schooling horses from basics to competition.
Analysis and correction of problems.

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Events, Demo(nstration)s

Working Equitation Demonstrations, Garrocha-Shows at events, fairs etc.

Working Equitation

Training, Competitions

Training for the beginner up to the ambitious competition rider. Built up systematically for horse and rider


Lessons, Seminars

Everything at a glance. My national and international Seminars, Trainings and Competition details.

Working Equitation – Master of Speed – Munich 2019

Master of Speed 2019, Olympic riding stadium, Munich-Riem: Mihai Maldea winning on Benjamin de Caniceira
Working Equitation combines all former European ways of work riding and cattle work. It was traditional in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy to work livestock with horses. The herdsmen wanted a supple and reliable horse for their daily work. It was normal for the horses to be challenged with new tasks regularly and to stay calm while working the cattle.

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